A transition is necessary when choosing new floors for different rooms. There are several reasons this is important, including safety and appearance.

If you've never seen two floors joined, this is a great time to find out more about the process. Of course, you'll love the results, so here are some facts that will serve you in your upcoming remodel.

Transitions are physically necessary

Transitions are critical because they protect the edges of the flooring. Where the two pieces meet, you'll want to prevent damage or accumulating dirt and debris.

A floor covering like carpet can fray without the right transition or edging. Our flooring company will explain how hard surface flooring like a sheet or luxury vinyl can roll and cause tripping hazards.

Transitions make a better-looking space

Two bare flooring pieces can become an eyesore, especially in busy spaces. But the right transition can add beauty and decor-matching elegance.

There are plenty of transitions, including those that join floors of different heights. Some are plain, and some offer extensive decorative properties to match any decor.

Transitions can protect your investment

In all that transitions do for your flooring, they can also save you money over time. As the pieces protect your new floors, the floors will reach their intended lifespan.

They also mean you won't have to clean much in that space. Transitions ensure that dirt stays away from the crevices for easier maintenance.

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